Ensure Payers’ Support

ORSCO will help you decipher Europe’s complex Funding & Reimbursement landscape and develop a plan to ensure payer support.

Partner With Us

Europe’s Health Care Regulatory environment is complex and diverse, to say the least. Mastering its complexity, requires in-depth insider knowledge. ORSCO will partner with you to help you understand the Funding and Reimbursement environment your company will be operating in Europe, including Health Technology Assessment procedures and data requirements in EU member states .

Together, we will develop and execute an effective market access strategy to obtain and maintain optimal funding & reimbursement.

Funding & Reimbursement Services

Our Funding & Reimbursement Services will help you generate enhanced Market Access and improve your Strategic input to Business Development. You can expect:

  • Early input on clinical data requirements and product positioning for reimbursement during product development
  • Analysis of existing funding & reimbursement and/or market access barriers in the different European countries
  • Identification of ideal funding/reimbursement goals and target positioning for your medical technology
  • Definition of a strategic pathway to obtain sustainable funding & reimbursement in European countries
  • Development of short term, mid & long term tactical steps to execute on strategy
  • Development of health economic tools, such as health economic models, to support the value proposition for your medical technology
  • Access to an established network with public health authorities and decision makers across Europe
  • Reimbursement strategy execution

Mastering the link between product positioning, market access, and pricing

ORSCO principals help you to maximize reimbursement for your target positioning. We also know how to drive the kind of positioning and messaging that maximizes reimbursement. Don’t’ separate work streams…talk to us about how we can combine reimbursement strategy with marketing communications for optimal European uptake and pricing.

Embrace Public Policy

Embrace public policy to create an environment that enables you to provide the best medical technology.

Our Public Affairs & Public Policy team can help you work with local and EU institutions to positively impact the environment your products will be operating in. Through our established network with local and European decision makers we can advise on and develop lobbying programs. We can represent our clients on determined projects:

  • At EU level
  • At local level with administrations
  • At Local level with HTA agencies – payers networks

Whether you are in the concept phase, clinically testing your new medical technology or launching your new second generation product, talk to ORSCO Public Policy and Reimbursement experts.

Price for Value Creation

Leverage pricing to capture the full value of your portfolio.

ORSCO can help you shape & manage your pricing strategy to capture the full value of your medical technology. Pricing is the one of the most powerful factors in generating profits. While the right pricing can have a transformative effect on your business, it is often overlooked. ORSCO can help you capture the full value of your portfolio through a list of services:

Pricing Strategy

A pricing audit can identify your best and quickest profit opportunities, and the pricing strategy crafted for you will directly support your overall business strategy.

Product Pricing

New products provide the greatest opportunity to actively shape your pricing and capture full value. We can provide you direct support, and also offer a number of tools:

  • Value Discovery Process and Workshops
  • Product Positioning Tools
  • Demand Estimation Tools
  • Full Structured Product Launch Process

Pricing Infrastructure

For companies with significant commercial sales a strong pricing infrastructure can be provided to drive success, with:

  • Corporate Pricing Policies
  • Pricing Approval Processes
  • Optimized Pricing, Contracting and Billing Systems
  • Reporting and Pricing Data Analysis